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Frequently Asked Interior Painting Questions

What type of paint is used? I use both Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams paint

How long does the painting process take? This depends on the extent of the project. We will give you an estimate of the time when we quote the job.

How do you handle nail holes in the walls? I will ask you what needs to be filled and what will be used again after painting.

Who purchases the paint? I usually supply all the materials needed to complete the project

Who moves the furniture? I will move the furniture for you.

Exterior Painting Questions

Can you help us choose our color choices? Yes, I can help you choose your paint color.

What type of preparation do you do for your exterior paint jobs? I will do pressure washing, scrape, prime and apply 2 coats of finish paint.

Do you spray paint or roll it on? I spray, roll and brush the paint in application

Who purchases the paint? I prefer to supply the paint

What is your warranty? We offer a 1 year labor in addition to the material manufacturer offers.

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